Mobile Service Tips

Service At Your Home, Office, Job Site or at Ace Auto Glass 9 locations on Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, Kauai, Guam – Ace Auto Glass branches are conveniently located in major metros near your home, office or job site for easy drop off or … Continue reading Mobile Service Tips

Cleaning Tips for Your Vehicle

Having your car running in optimum condition is important and thankfully automotive service companies are considered essential services in Hawaii. Below, we share a few helpful cleaning tips collected  from Consumer Reports,  Car and Driver  and the  CDC. Wear a mask and gloves? … Continue reading Cleaning Tips for Your Vehicle


Ace Auto Glass is proud to offer auto calibration service to our valued customers. Ace Auto Calibrations extends our full glass service menu by offering an important safety reset for windshield replacements. For windshield replacements on all vehicles that have advanced driver assist safety systems (ADAS), recalibration of the camera must be performed. Continue reading YOUR AUTO CALIBRATION QUESTIONS ANSWERED