Cracked or Damaged Windshield?

You Have A Choice in Windshield Replacement Companies

Typically Hawaii drivers will replace a windshield only twice throughout their entire driving lifetime. So going through the process of replacing the windshield may feel like and be a new experience.  For most people, their first call is to their insurance carrier to put in an auto glass claim.

Many times a customer will be “steered” to a specific auto glass company or given a toll-free phone number to the selected company. This guided action circumvents a customer’s right to choose  an auto glass company in Hawaii.

Ace Auto Glass is an independent auto glass replacement company which has no affiliation with insurance companies.  We have friends in the insurance business, but no one is required to send business our way.

As a local business, we encourage you to ask for Ace Auto Glass when you need glass replacement. Ace’s Sure Set bonding process follows the highest safety standards set by the national Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) and Ace has the only AGSC certified auto glass professionals in Hawaii and Guam.