Replace Your Windshield Right the First Time

Ace Auto Glass has been in the auto glass replacement business for over 40 years, and over that time, we’ve seen a variety of glass replacement jobs. Here are a couple of hypothetical scenarios that customers may face if a replacement windshield glass is not properly installed.

Improper seal discovered early

When a customer is lucky, if you could look at it that way, they discover their glass was not properly sealed soon after the replacement.  In the first big rain storm after the windshield replacement, they experience water leaking and realized they need to have the glass replaced a second time.

An improper seal discovered too late may cause rust and frame damage

An improper seal allows water to reach the vehicle frame, and over time will cause rust and damage to the frame.

When the vehicle frame is damaged with rust,  instead of just replacing the glass, a customer will incur both the cost of  auto body repair and the glass replacement.

Choosing the cheap alternative may be more expensive in the long run 

When you weigh the cost of an auto body repair plus a windshield replacement against just the glass replacement, the added expense of a second repair can get quite expensive.

Cost Estimate of Proper Repair the First Time (*Hypothetical estimate)

Glass Replacement               $270*

Total                                        $270*

Cost Estimate of Improper Repair the First Time, Plus Auto Body Repair and Second Glass Replacement

1st Glass Replacement           $250

Auto Body Repair                    $800*

2nd Glass Replacement**      $250

Total                                           $1,300

**If customer elects to use same glass replacement supplier

Select Ace Sure Set First

Ace Auto Glass is the only Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) certified training and testing program in Hawaii and Guam.

Each Ace Auto Glass Certified Technician goes through the stringent training process to ensure proper glass replacement the first time. We call the process, “Ace Sure Set”.

There Are No Shortcuts

The Auto Glass Safety Council has established a step by step process that must be followed to achieve the highest safety standards in glass replacement. Each trained and certified technician is tested annually to continuously achieve the standards for every glass replacement, for every customer.

For a customer, this means that their new windshield will be properly sealed and bonded to their car the first time, avoiding costly second  time replacements and auto body repair.

Happy Customers, Properly Sealed and Bonded Windshields

Quality glass replacement takes care and time. It also requires professional cleaners, sealants and bonding materials to achieve the most pristinely clean and smooth surface for the best possible bond to avoid water and rust damage.

So, choose Ace Auto Glass.  Your choice will save you money, time and you can be confident in the Ace Sure Set bond.