Cleaning Tips for Your Vehicle

Having your car running in optimum condition is important and thankfully automotive service companies are considered essential services in Hawaii.

Below, we share a few helpful cleaning tips collected  from Consumer Reports,  Car and Driver  and the  CDC.

Wear a mask and gloves?

Wearing a mask is suggested especially  if you are also taking the time to vacuum the interior of your car.   Wear  gloves and remove and dispose of  them properly and  be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after the entire process.

Leave windows and doors open during cleaning.

Cleaning Materials

Alcohol solutions that contain at least 70% alcohol or isopropyl alcohol.

Gentle, low fragrance  soap (Ivory),  mild dish soap or  laundry detergent and water is recommended. Vigorously scrub  (but not so hard you scrape off color from dyed surfaces)  for an extended period of time. Use the same technique used for washing your hands. Also, don’t go overboard with suds-too much soap will be difficult to rinse and remove.

A thoroughly moistened microfiber cloth won’t scratch surfaces.   Paper towel and napkins may scratch and move around dirt.

Do not use bleach, hydrogen peroxide or ammonia-based cleaners.   They may all damage your vehicle’s surfaces and upholstery.

Key High Touch Areas

Steering wheel

Door handles inside and outside

Shift lever

Seat adjusters, lumbar support knobs

Rearview mirror

Seatbelt and seatbelt buckle

Wiper and turning signal levers

Side mirror controls

Armrests on the door and inside 

Buttons on touchscreens-a/c, radio, GPS etc.

Cup holder

Sun visor



Interior lights, exterior headlight button

Top of door if you ride around with windows down and your arm resting on the door.

Basically every area of the vehicle you would touch if you first got seated in your car, or arranging controls when borrowing or renting a car.

If you’re a ride-sharing driver, be sure to disinfect the same surfaces on the passenger side and the rear seat(s).

Wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning your vehicle.

 COVID-19 and Ace Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

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