Ace Auto Glass is proud to offer auto calibration service to our valued customers. Ace Auto Calibrations extends our full glass service menu by offering an important safety reset for windshield replacements. For windshield replacements on all vehicles that have advanced driver assist safety systems (ADAS), recalibration of the camera must be performed.ACE_Auto_Calibrations CMYK 300dpi

Today, most vehicles have sophisticated safety systems that help to prevent collisions, drifting into the next driving lane and/or also alerts drivers of vehicles in their blind spot. Many of these sophisticated systems use camera and/or radars to “read” or “sense” the position of other vehicles on the road.

Ace Auto Calibrations is here to make your windshield replacement and calibration experience seamless by offering full camera calibration reset.

How do I know if my car has advanced driver assist safety systems (ADAS)?

Studies have shown that many drivers aren’t aware of how the safety systems work or that they need to calibrate the camera after the front windshield is replaced.

With newer vehicles, chances are that you will have one or many new safety features on your vehicle. Cameras or radar are factory installed and many are mounted under your rearview mirror. In most vehicles, you may see a “V” shape window in the glass and a camera lens. When activated, many systems will have blinking or beeping lights to warn you of vehicles in your blind spot, pedestrians nearby, adaptive cruise control, or vehicles advancing from behind your vehicle.

Your vehicle salesperson or manufacturer’s brochure may mention brand names such as Toyota’s “Safety Sense”, Honda’s “Sensing”, Nissan’s “Safety Shield” etc. To check if your vehicle has a safety system click this web link “My Car Does What”that is offered by the National Safety Council and the University of Iowa.

When do I need to have calibration?

If your vehicle is equipped with one or all of these safety systems the monitoring system must be calibrated whenever your front windshield replaced. Calibration helps ensure the systems are working properly to protect you and your passengers on the road.

Why do I need calibration?

During front windshield replacement service, the camera is removed and reattached on the new glass. Simply reattaching the camera will not meet the stringent tolerances required to ensure proper camera performance.

Is calibration free? Is calibration covered by insurance?

Calibration is not free but is normally covered by insurance once you have met your deductible.

I’ve had my windshield replaced at Ace, how much longer will it take to calibrate?

There are many factors with performing a calibration, these could include weather and road conditions, technical support, space requirements, etc. it is best to allow 2 days in order to allow the glass to be installed and fully dry before the calibration can begin.

What if I don’t calibrate?

Not calibrating your safety systems creates unnecessary risk and liability to you and your passengers. Selling your vehicle in the future may also bring a huge liability for you personally.

Benefits of choosing Ace Auto Glass and Ace Auto Calibrations:

Ace Auto Glass technicians are certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council for glass retention, exact fit, and other safety matters involved in the glass replacement process. This will ensure the highest level of glass replacement in the industry.

Technicians are also specifically trained and certified in camera recalibration after a windshield is replaced. The calibration process includes resetting the camera, pre and post scans, Dynamic(road testing to reset the camera) and Static (using targets to reset the camera) calibration.

Ace Auto Glass offers calibration services on Oahu, Hawaii, Kauai, Maui and Guam.