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Introducing Hawaii to the Latest Innovation in Water Repellant
VistaClear Pro

Ace Auto Glass - Hawaii Distributor

Where the “non-stick properties of the Teflon™ brand
meets the high quality standards of Carlex”

We are so lucky that we live in Hawaii because in most areas of our islands, we enjoy lush green valleys and towering trees.  However, the same rain that helps water our valleys sometimes can be challenging when we are driving.

Raindrops can fall softly or pound so hard that the drops splatter on our windshield and obstruct a clear view of the road. It can also be a windy storm and as a result, the raindrops may hit our windshields “sidewise”.

Water repellants that help make rain water bead faster have been around for years, but at Ace Auto Glass we believe our latest product, “VistaClear Pro™” is superior.  Our staff has tested VistaClear Pro for months and couldn’t believe how well the product formed balls or spheres of water that rolled right off the windshield quickly. 

Until now, most water repellant products have only lasted an average of 3 to 6 months. One professional application of VistaClear Pro™ can last up to a year! The product helps provide better visibility and better wiper performance.  Another plus is that the product repels mud, road grime and bugs! 

How Does it Work?

Carlex, the leader in glassmaking engineering and Teflon™ a brand name in easy-care products have teamed up to develop VistaClear Pro™.  Windshield glass is actually porous and although you can’t see any holes in the surface, there are many imperfections. Nanotechnology creates particles so small that they “fill up” the peaks and valleys in the windshield glass, creating an ultra-smooth surface.  This ultra-smooth surface is why rain drops will bead up and quickly run off the glass.

What You Can Expect After One Professional Application

  • Forms a durable clear and long-lasting protective barrier on your glass
  • Repels rain and provides easy removal of insects, road oils, road grime, and more
  • Reduces wiper smearing and aids wiper performance
  • Protects against water marks
  • Keeps glass cleaner longer
  • 12 month or 12,500 mile warranty whichever comes first
  • Professionally applied by Ace Auto Glass Technicians


VistaClear Pro™ comes with a limited warranty for defective materials and workmanship for 12 months or 12,500 miles, whichever occurs first.

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