Time for new windshield wipers?

What if you found yourself driving in heavy rain conditions and your windshield wipers didn’t work or your windshield got splashed with dirty water and you had no cleaning fluid in the wiping mechanism reservoir? Many drivers take wiper blades for granted, so Ace Auto Glass recommends that maintenance should be made part of a routine. Ace auto glass in Honolulu, HI offers a few tips to extend wiper blade life and improve performance below.

ACE Auto Glass – How to Care for Your Wiper Blades

Clean Wiper Blades  Regularly

Make cleaning wiper blades a habit and clean them each time you wash your car or fill up. Use an alcohol wipe to cut built up greasy residue and the blades should slide smoothly and help prevent scratches on the windshield.

Remove Debris As Soon As Possible   

When you park under a tree, chances are leaves will fall and collect on your windshield.  Instead of driving away with the leaves and having your wiper blades sweep them away, take a moment and remove them.

Keep an Eye on Washer Fluid

Refill your washer fluid as part of your fill up or car wash routine.

Inspect Blades for Damage

Routinely check wiper blades and the frames for dirt, wear and rust. Run your thumb along the edge to inspect the rubber on the blades for signs of erosion or uneven wear.

Change Blades Every 6 Months

Properly maintained wiper blades set the stage to see the road clearly.  If the windshield glass does crack or chip, give Ace Auto Glass a call at (808) 847-3217.

Ace has nine convenient locations, certified auto glass technicians and Ace Auto Glass has replaced more auto glass than any other in Hawaii and Guam for over 40 years.

Ace’ s mission is to offer highest-quality parts installed by caring and friendly professionals. Visit their website  at aceautoglass.net for  monthly specials or to request a free auto glass quote today.