Special Care for SUVs, Vans & Light Truck Vehicles

Presenting Ace Auto Glass “Glass Assist” 
In a recent article about how many vehicle owners in Hawaii drive SUVs, vans or passenger trucks, it’s a whopping 68.7%.  This is up from 48.7% from the year 2012.

It’s a great feeling to ride up a little higher and see traffic ahead in one of these vehicles.  What’s more, they are usually roomy and have a lot of storage for your groceries, sports equipment and family.

There are many benefits to driving a larger vehicle. Ace Auto Glass offers a few considerations when you select your windshield replacement company.

Big Vehicle = Heavy Windshield Glass
Back in the 50’s many vehicle windshields were split in two sides and were an average of 5 square feet. Today’s vehicles have large 1 piece windshields and are an average of 20 square feet. This makes it much more difficult to install and many times will take two Technicians or the assistance of a special setting tool. Many of today’s windshields will also come with a “Solar” coating to reduce the heat that these larger glasses can produce.
How Does Having A Big Windshield Cause A Possible Concern?
When windshield replacement glass is heavy and bulky, the glass may be harder to position exactly when attaching the new windshield to the frame. The result may be an improper seal which is an imperfect seal.  An improperly sealed windshield to the vehicle may cause issues such as water leaks that may eventually cause rust to form around the windshield frame.
Ace Auto Glass
Solves the Concern in 4 Ways
1.  Auto Glass Safety Council Certified Technicians
When Ace Auto Glass receives a request to replace a windshield on vehicles, Ace’s own Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) Certified Technicians will do the installation.  Each Ace auto glass professional receives training from the Ace Auto Glass Safety Manager who follows the highest safety standards for windshield replacement set by the nationally recognized Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC).

The AGSC’s mission is to protect consumers by setting standards of performance and excellence for each certified auto glass technician. This training ensures proper windshield and glass installations. An AGSC Certified Technician follows specific steps set by the council to ensure the safest quality replacement possible.

Ace Auto Glass is the only auto glass company with Auto Glass Safety Council certified technicians in Hawaii and Guam.

2.  Sealant and Bonding 

At Ace Auto Glass only the best sealants from Sika’s automotive glass replacement system are used. This system was designed to handle any bonding situations from drying times to dealing with rusted metal.

3. Special Glass setting tool

There are some situations where due to the size of the glass, a special setting tool will be used. This tool helps the Technician to set the glass properly without the assistance of another Technician. These tools range from a manual set to an in-house designed system using a forklift. Designing glass setting systems and techniques is just one advantage of this family owned business. Since 1975, 3 generations of skill, knowledge, and techniques have been passed down to all team members ensuring you a proper installation.

4. A Precise Process

If you stood in the auto glass service bay, you might think that pulling off an old windshield is an imprecise process that anyone could perform. In fact, it’s the complete opposite.  The removal process is one of the most critical since this is where damage to the bonding area can occur. Once the windshield has been removed, the remaining adhesive will be trimmed down to exacting levels. This allows for the maximum urethane adhesive to be applied to the bonding area, and allows the adhesive to hold the glass in place at a rate of 800 to 1000 psi. At Ace Auto Glass, the new urethane and primers are all dated and no product is used outside of its expiration date.

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