Auto Glass Experts Answer Windshield Chip Repair FAQs

Everyday, Ace Auto Glass certified technicians repair front windshields with nicks, chips or small cracks caused by rocks kicked up by tires on the road or when the car is parked near a high traffic area. Customers often ask if small cracks may be repaired instead of replaced.

Be confident that the Ace Auto Glass team in Honolulu is qualified to answer all your questions about the repair/replacement process. 

FAQs About Window Chip Repair

Do I have to replace the entire windshield if I have a chip or small crack?

It depends on the size and location of the chip. Professional auto glass technicians may repair a chip or crack if it is the size of a quarter or smaller, IF it is not within the driver’s field of vision. Anything larger is considered a crack and will require windshield replacement. Call Ace Auto

Glass and have our professional technicians take a look and advise whether you may repair a chip or crack, or if the windshield must be replaced.

Do I have to repair a chip to pass my safety check?

Yes, windshields play an important role in a vehicle’s safety system, so a chip or crack will not pass the safety inspection.

Will I be able to see where the chip is repaired?

Yes, Ace Auto Glass technicians will fill the chip or small crack with professional grade resin. Even though the resin is clear, you may still be able to see some of the repaired area. Most repairs help to conceal the original crack by approximately 60% – 80%.

What’s the Difference Between Auto Glass Shop Repair & a DIY Chip Repair Kit?

DIY repair kits give you resin to inject into the damaged area and curing film. But DIY kits are no substitute for experience and professional equipment. Certified auto glass professionals use pressurized equipment that forces the resin into microscopic faults in the glass, filling the chip as much as possible.

How Long Will Window Chip Repair Take?

Under normal conditions, windshield chip repair may be done in 1 hour.

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