Windshields and UV Rays

If you live in a sunny place like Hawaii or Guam, you think about how much sun exposure you get. Most people apply sunscreen everyday before going outside for sports or sunny activities, but there are still some people who never apply, or don’t apply enough or re-apply often enough.

In Japan, people, more so women, have protected their skin umbrellas, hats and sunscreen. Many people say that they notice their driver’s side arm gets a little more tan, or that their left (in the US) cheek seems to develop more color.

Nippon Sheet Glass, a Japan based high performance glass developer is creating a way to better protect driver’s and passenger’s skin and eyes via the glass in the vehicle.The company has in development, glass that will help protect people from both UVA (aging) and UVB(burning) rays. Prior to the development of the new glass, only UVB, think sunburn, rays could be blocked (90+%) in front windshields, but not front door glass.

Nippon Sheet Glass plans to work with Japanese auto manufacturers first, expecting the new glass to be used in the 2020 models.

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