An Uncommon Problem for Hawaii Drivers-Fog

It’s not very often that you have a need to use your defroster aka defogger button in your car when you live in Hawaii, unless you live near the Koolau Mountain Range or chilly Manoa Valley.

For most drivers like myself, they forget what the button with the squiggly lines is for.

Except when the heat outside meets cool temps-or er, is it the other way around?

What I know is, whether it was the fact that my car was old or not, it’s pretty uncommon to hit the defrost button or the heater for that matter in Hawaii.

This article written by Bob Sorokanich appeared on is very interesting and offers great tips from science no less!

Former NASA Engineer Explains the Fastest Way to De-Fog Your Windshield

Winter’s here, and for lots of us, that means dealing with a foggy windshield full of condensation when we go to start our cars. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t take that long for your defroster to clear your windshield, but if you’re harried and already late for work, that extra time waiting can feel like an eternity. And we don’t want you driving around through a half-obscured windshield like a dingus.

Read more here.

The article also clearly defines defogging vs defrosting. One of which involves using the defroster button to defog.

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