Ace Auto Glass is proud to offer auto calibration service to our valued customers. Ace Auto Calibrations extends our full glass service menu by offering an important safety reset for windshield replacements. For windshield replacements on all vehicles that have advanced driver assist safety systems (ADAS), recalibration of the camera must be performed. Continue reading YOUR AUTO CALIBRATION QUESTIONS ANSWERED

Time for new windshield wipers?

What if you found yourself driving in heavy rain conditions and your windshield wipers didn’t work or your windshield got splashed with dirty water and you had no cleaning fluid in the wiping mechanism reservoir? Many drivers take wiper blades for granted, so Ace Auto Glass recommends that maintenance should be made part of a routine. Ace auto glass in Honolulu, HI offers a few tips to extend wiper blade life and improve performance below. ACE Auto Glass – How to Care for Your Wiper Blades Clean Wiper Blades  Regularly Make cleaning wiper blades a habit and clean them each time … Continue reading Time for new windshield wipers?