“My Car Does What?”

Every year goes by and more and more car manufacturers make cars with advanced driving safety systems. Cars that stop your car without stepping on the brake, sensors that let you know you’re drifting into the next lane or displays that appear on the windshield-the technology is endless and unless you love gadgets is probably overwhelming.

MyCarDoesWhat.org is a very helpful site that helps people get to know their car features. Often car manufacturers use a variety of marketing names to describe back up cameras, braking systems etc.  The site uses simple to understand direct-communicate terms that do the double duty of naming a technology and explaining what it does.

Simple-click on the video button from the home page and a library of videos appear from automatic braking, lane departure warning to turning on your car.

Numerous car manufacturers are shipping vehicles with the safety features already installed-or sold as a technology or safety package. So, get familiar with your new car by visiting the manufacturer’s website, reading the owners’ manual or visiting this website.