Tesla In The News

Tesla has taken the odd looking electric/hybrid eco car and made something beautiful.  Eye-catching, sleek and everything as cool as you want to be.

One of the features of the Model X is a very large panoramic windshield/roof.

Chris Perkins of Road and Track.com, wrote about one owner’s expression of surprise at the expense of replacing his cracked beyond repair windshield/roof.

The Tesla owner’s forum discusses the poster’s issue in detail found here.  If you scroll down there is a cool video of the Model X and it’s Falcon doors in action.

I wonder as a power lift gate owner that has been clam-shelled more than once, how these doors fare, but that’s a different blog.

If you do have glass questions, Ace Auto Glass certified technicians adhere to the highest safety standards for windshield replacement set by the Auto Glass Safety Council.

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