Auto Insurance?

When I was a kid at Disneyland, “Tomorrowland” represented all that the future held. When you think about it, the pods that took you through the Adventure Thru Inner Space were a kind of a rudimentary self-driving car.  You jumped in and closed the bar and you were off, look Ma no hands!

Technology is driving the auto industry with new advanced driver assist systems that stop the car for you, let you know if it’s ok to change lanes or drive your car for you altogether.  I’m not entirely sure how or if my friend’s Tesla can drive itself to work, while he drives hand free or if he has to be in the car at all.

Auto insurance companies are challenged by the new systems and self driving cars.  Lyle Adriano of Insurance Business America recently explored the potential impact on the auto insurance industry.

There have been a few articles talking about people not knowing what to do with all of their advanced systems.  You might have to be a real gadget geek or  get thorough training from your car dealership to know everything.

But then, I can barely pair my Iphone with my car.

Is driving getting too easy?

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